Hi guys my names Steven, I'm a master electrician and owner of Lite it up electric along with my wife Sherry.  I started Lite it up electric soon after I became a master electrician because I always felt that I could create a stronger, honest, and more reliable system for electrical services and installations. So everyone is happy. Not only taking care of our customer but also taking care of our team, who help make this all happen. Through the years we've become a strong team of friends and family working together to fix all your electrical issues and make your house the brightest on the block!

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There are very few people in the service industry these days who are truly passionate about what they do and seek to provide solutions rather than rob you blind. I believe that Steven Moore is the last of his kind. He is extremely passionate about what he does as an electrician and has a ton of experience to borrow from when figuring out how to repair an electrical problem. My girlfriend and I recently purchased an older home and called Steven out to help me with a problem into involving the lights and fan in the master bedroom not turning on. Although it took him several attempts (due to the complexity of my situation), Steven was able to accomplish the job and provide me with a solution at a fair price- no add ons AND he showed empathy for my situation while building a personal connection throughout the entire experience- an element that seems to have gone missing from customer service these days. I have complete faith that within the next decade, Steven will build his startup company into the most trusted local brand for electrical work. Thanks again, Steven & Lite It Up team! You guys certainly have a loyal customer in me.

Michael B. on October 15, 2015




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Lite it up Electric is a family owned and operated business working in and around San Antonio. We have been in business since 2015 and managed to keep almost perfect reviews on google and many other online sources. We specialize in home wiring, panels, lights , plugs, switches and much more.


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